Enrollment with Heartwood

Why Heartwood?

Yes, Heartwood is for me...

Yes, Heartwood is for me...



  • Assists with Curriculum Decisions
  • Maintains Permanent Records 
  • Requests Previous School Records 
  • Provides Transcripts
  • Provides Access to an Online Program for Milestone Testing in Math and Reading 
  • Provides Age-Appropriate Group Activities
  • Provides Parent-Guardian Training Sessions 

In Addition

  • Standardized Achievement Tests. Grades 3, 5, 8, required
  • Clubs (fee-based) 
  • Co-op Classes (fee-based)
  • ASVAB Career Exploration (optional)

Yes, Heartwood is for me...

Yes, Heartwood is for me...

Yes, Heartwood is for me...




First Steps in Enrollment

  • Registration and Tuition fees 
  • Benchmark Assessment in math and reading for each enrolling student
  • HCA paperwork - previous school records, birth certificate…  
  • Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) membership required. HCA is a member school that provides a discount. www.hslda.org
  • Attend annual orientation meeting held in August 


We enroll throughout the year on an individual basis.

I have more questions...

I have more questions...

I have more questions...


Is Heartwood accredited?

We follow Alabama State guidelines for a church school. See www.hslda.org

What is the Alabama homeschool law?

See www.hslda.org for details.

Can I choose my own curriculum?

Yes, we can help you through 

the process, if you would like.

How long are records kept?

We keep permanent records.

Will my student have any problems returning to public school? 

No, we will guide you through the process.

Can my student homeschool and 

enroll in an Alabama public school 

to play sports?

Yes, students are eligible under the Tim Tebow Act.  http://www.timtebowbill.com/

Questions continued: high school and beyond

I have more questions...

I have more questions...


Is my student eligible for honor societies? 


Can my student participate in Dual Enrollment?


Is my student eligible for scholarships?


Can my student go into the military, attend a university,    technical school, or junior college?

Yes, we can help you through the process.

Will my student have 

to get a GED to go to college? 

We guide families throughout the high school years to avoid this situation. If a student does not meet the ACT score requirement, some colleges require other admission criteria. The ACT score is 

the determining factor for most higher institutions.   

In addition, the new CLT college entrance is available through Heartwood.

Home School Legal Defense Association


What is Home School Legal Defense??

"HSLDA  members receive unique services, special discounts, and personal advice to support and equip their family's homeschool program. Members have direct access to: Lawyers who focus on homeschool law and are homeschooling parents · Preschool–8th and high school consultants; Special needs consultants .."    HSLDA.org 

Current State law information as it pertains to homeschooling

Rich resources - online classes, curriculum, etc.

Heartwood Membership Benefits

Enrollment with Heartwood provides an HSLDA membership discount. 

Contact HSLDA

 HSLDA may be reached at 1-540-338-5600