Enrollment Fees



Registration Fee (nonrefundable) 

     $110.00 per family, includes one student benchmark screening test   

     Additional student testing is $35.00 per student. 


Annual Tuition per Student  

    1st student $230.00 

    2nd and 3rd student $105.00 per student 

    4th + student $  35.00 per student 


Additional Fees     

    HCA T-shirts (required for school activities) 

    Standardized Achievement Test (3rd, 5th, 8th required

          Optional testing is available for additional grades. 

    Student and Teacher ID's 

    Graduation Ceremony 

    Co-op Classes 


Payment by debit or credit will incur a small fee. 


Home School Legal Defense Association See hslda.org  

    There is a discount with Heartwood Christian Academy enrollment. 

    Payable to HSLDA.